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Safety Guide - How To Use a Stump Grinder Safely?

This is a very important area we like to cover as a slight accident can become fatal. Yes! A stump grinder can easily get the job done in terms of getting rid of unwanted tree stump, but you should also realize how powerful one of these grinders are and what they can do to any object, things or even beings, that are caught under it's powerful sharp blades.

We sincerely hope you will take your time in reading our safety guide, because it can save your life!

Don't believe us? Here's an article about a man who died after his clothes got caught into the stump grinder. He sustained serious head injuires and literally died at the scene. Now...do we have your attention? Good!

1) Safe Clothing - Yes! This is the number one priority when using a stump grinder. It is for your own good to wear tight short sleeve clothes to prevent yourself from getting caught and dragged into the grinding blades....and you know what happens if you do....right?

2) Eye Protective Gear - This is another MUST for anyone using the machine because as the stump grinds, it can inflict lots of tiny pieces of wood at rather high speed making it very dangerous if it ever goes into your eyes. Yes! You can go blind! So...please wear some protection like a goggle or something...PLEASE!!!

3) Other Safety Gear - These are common sense really and that is whenever a person is operating on a tree tump grinder, they should wear proper protective pieces including safety gloves, shoes or footwear, face shield or helmet and so on.

4) Remove All Jewelleries - It is vitally important that you remove any jewellery that you may be wearing before you even consider starting the machine. These includes any necklace, watches, any type of bracelets and so on to prevent it from getting caught underneath the deadly blades.

5) Weather Condition - Before you attempt to use your tree grinder, make sure you check out the weather condition and this is because most tree grinders are not built to work under raining or wet environment. DO NOT USE IF YOU SEE RAIN, STORM, HIGH WIND, THUNDER...ETC.

6) Landscape - Always check out the landscape before you decide to place your stump grinding machine onto the land. Take note of such things as holes in the ground and underground utilities to avoid putting yourself, others and your machine (it could flip) from dangerous situations.

7) Starting Engine - Before you start your engine, make sure the grinder is positioned in a safe area and do not let others (humans and animals) anywhere near the machine (at least 10 metres away). Also, check surrounding working area for breakable things such as glasses, windows, vehicles etc from flying debris. Let's face it, breaking a window or scratching your car paint is not very smart.

8) Refueling - If you're ever in a position where you need to refuel the petrol tank. Make sure the machine is switched off and cooled down before you attempt pouring petrol. Also, you should always refuel your machine in a shaded or cool area and do not smoke or have anyone near you that's smoking because you know what sort of damage a small cigarette bud can do if it is ignited.

9) PTO Stump Grinder - If you're using a PTO (Power Take Off) shaft to get power from the tractor, make sure the PTO speed is suitable for the machine. This you can ask when you're renting from an authorised rental dealer. Also, ensure that the shaft is well connected and guard correctly fitted before you start the machine.

10) Use Common Sense - Many of these safety guidelines are based on common sense, but it is amazing how many people skip these sort of thinkings because they always seem to think they know what they're doing. Remember! There are professional people around you who are there to help. They are paid to provide safety advices, so do not feel bad asking them a million questions. At the end of the day, your life is worth alot more.

Tips Of The Day!
There are many different tips and tricks when it comes to removing trees. This includes punching a rusted or copper nail into the stump or root. While this may be true for some people, you must understand that there are many different types of tree species out there and just like human beings, they can be immune to different pollution, damages or treatment.

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Safety Goggle

As you know, a simple gear such as a safety goggle can grealty reduce the risk of serious injuries when working on a stump grinder. So, please DO NOT forget to wear one! This includes those who are working on any types of machines, devices and industrial equipment.

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