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The Different Types Of Stump Grinder

On this page, we will help you get a better understanding of the different types of stump grinders that are available on the market and help you decide which one best suits your needs.

Let's face it, this can be a frustrating experience for people who are looking to remove some unwanted tree stump. That is, they are unsure of which type of tree grinder to get and this is mainly because they don't understand the difference between them and what each of them can do.

However, do not worry because we will help you break down the 4 different types of models, so that you can compare it to your own requirements and needs.


A walk behind stump grinder is the most basic and smallest version available and as the name suggests, you walk behind the machine as it's running. A simple way to describe it is like a lawn mower. The user stands behind the grinding blades as it cuts through the grass. The handle at the end allows the operator to push and pull the grinder back and forward allowing it's rotating blades to grind at high speed.

These walk-behind models often comes between 10-27 hp (horse power) with cut capacity up to 27" above ground and 19 inches in diameter. And because of it's ease to use and easy transportability, these models have become extremely popular in the rental market and are often the first choice for home owners who are looking to grind 1-3 tree stumps.

Self Propelled

These self propelled stump grinders are often powered by gas or diesel. One of the main advantage of a self propelled model is that it allows you to drive the whole unit from site to site making it extremely easy for transportation. It's also known for it's brute strength and cutting capacity with some machines cutting up to 43 inches above ground and 26 inches diameter.

The compact design of this machine allows for easy access into residential properties because one can easily drive through a standard fence and with horsepower reaching up to 90hp. Most of these models come with hydraulic steering and good size cutting wheels making it easy to drive around while removing those stubborn stumps.

If you don't like getting yourself dirty, there are some self propelled grinders out there that comes with optional controls including both wired and wireless allowing the operator to keep a distance between themselves and the machine making it even more safe to operate.

Tow Behind

If you have a big land where there are many tree stumps to grind or maintain, then one of these towable stump grinders may be ideal as it comes with big cutting power (up to 78hp) and is easily transportable using a tow truck, a ute or even a four wheel drive.

Some units come with a massic cutting radius with some up to 31 inches in diameter and up to 46 inches high. Buying one of these can be quite expensive with prices up to $35,000. Therefore, if you're only going to use it once or twice, it may be best to rent one from an authorized rental dealer. This can be extremely important for businesses who don't want invest too much money in equipment or hold up their cash-flow.

Track Mounted

You can think of this as a stump grinder with tank wheels. Yes, this type of machine is suitable for any rough surface and is often the first choice for major construction companies and hard to drive job sites. The fact it is self propelled allows the operator to easily sit on the machine and get up those bumpy hills without too much effort.

This is the most powerful tree grinding equipment available with horsepower up to 250hp and can cut up to 72 inches high. This of course also comes at a cost with the most expensive version costing up to $120,000 (e.g the Carlton Hurricane TRX). Some models also allows 360 degrees operation making it easy for the user to grind surrounding area with ease and not to mention it's remote control ability which allows the operator to control the machine up to 1500 feet away.

So, now that you know the different type of stump grinders available, it is time to decide which brand you should get! There are many manufacturers out there including Bobcat, Vermeer, Rayco, Carlton and many more. If you're ready, then make sure you check out our Dealer Section to find the right machine for the job.

Tips Of The Day!
Choosing the right equipment is vitally important to ensure the job gets done properly. However, planning ahead is also important including understanding the type of tree or wood you're dealing with, transportation, removal of stump debris and more.

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Safety Goggle

As you know, a simple gear such as a safety goggle can grealty reduce the risk of serious injuries when working on a stump grinder. So, please DO NOT forget to wear one! This includes those who are working on any types of machines, devices and industrial equipment.

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